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February 2018 Bundler Update

by Stephanie Morillo on

Welcome to the Bundler monthly update!

Bundler saw some fixes in February thanks to contributors @nholden, @voxik, @cpgo, @deivid-rodriguez, and @alyssais. Fixes this month included a fix for certain instances of the “perhaps the lockfile is corrupted?” error, as well as clear enforcement steps for the code of conduct. We also received an awesome proposal to give the add command superpowers, and add a remove command.

This month, Bundler gained 23 new commits, contributed by 8 authors. There were 291 additions and 59 deletions across 50 files.

Interested in contributing to Bundler? We always welcome contributions in the forms of triaging bugs, adding new features, writing docs, and engaging with the wider community. Visit the Bundler Contributor Guidelines on GitHub to get started.