Products Data

Data Tab

The data tab includes all the product criteria that will be included on the product page in the store front for customers to view:

adding products data

Fill in the spaces above with the following information:

  • Model: create a model number for the product using a combination of letters and numbers. (required)
  • SKU (stock keeping unit): a random code for the product.
  • UPC (universal product code): the product's unique barcode.
  • Location: where the product is located.
  • Price: set a price for the product.
  • Tax Class: select a tax class category on this product that was made Settings > Localisation > Tax Classes. This will apply the tax in the checkout for the product. Select "None" if taxes will not be applied to this product.
  • Quantity: The total amount available in the store for this specific product.
  • Minimum Quantity: the minimum amount of product a customer must reach to add that product to their Shopping Cart.
  • Subtract Stock: "Yes" will subtract stock from the quantity of the product (Ex: If there are 100 computers, and a customer buys 2 computers, Subtract Stock will change the quantity to 98).
  • Out of Stock Status: select "Out of Stock", "In Stock", "2-3 days", or "Preorder" as the message shown on the product page when the product's quantity reaches 0.
  • Requires Shipping: If the product requires shipping, select "Yes". If not, select "No".
  • SEO keyword: create a keyword for search engine optimization of this product. It will be seen in the URL of the product page. Therefore, the keyword created must be unique for every product.
  • Image: clicking "Browse Folders" will lead the administrator to the Image manager to upload a new image.
  • Date Available: the date when this product will become available for purchase.
  • Dimensions: enter the length by width by height of the product if there are dimensions to include.
  • Length Class: determines the metric units for the dimensions above.
  • Weight: Enter a number for the weight.
  • Weight Class: Specify the units of weight for the number entered into "Weight".
  • Status: Enabling makes the product publicly available in the store. Disabling allows the product to be edited in the administration , but hides it from the store front .
  • Sort Order: When the product is sorted in a list, a number assigns it a priority. A product with a sorting order or 2 will be placed higher than a product with a sorting order of 3, but lower than a product with a sorting order of 1.