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Packet handling

exception paramiko.packet.NeedRekeyException

Exception indicating a rekey is needed.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)

class paramiko.packet.Packetizer(socket)

Implementation of the base SSH packet protocol.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)


Tells Packetizer that the handshake has completed.


Checks if the handshake has timed out.

If start_handshake wasn't called before the call to this function, the return value will always be False. If the handshake completed before a timeout was reached, the return value will be False

handshake time out status, as a bool

Returns True if a new set of keys needs to be negotiated. This will be triggered during a packet read or write, so it should be checked after every read or write, or at least after every few.

read_all(n, check_rekey=False)

Read as close to N bytes as possible, blocking as long as necessary.

n (int) -- number of bytes to read
the data read, as a str
EOFError -- if the socket was closed before all the bytes could be read

Only one thread should ever be in this function (no other locking is done).

SSHException -- if the packet is mangled
NeedRekeyException -- if the transport should rekey

Read a line from the socket. We assume no data is pending after the line, so it's okay to attempt large reads.


Write a block of data using the current cipher, as an SSH block.

set_inbound_cipher(block_engine, block_size, mac_engine, mac_size, mac_key)

Switch inbound data cipher.

set_keepalive(interval, callback)

Turn on/off the callback keepalive. If interval seconds pass with no data read from or written to the socket, the callback will be executed and the timer will be reset.


Set the Python log object to use for logging.

set_outbound_cipher(block_engine, block_size, mac_engine, mac_size, mac_key, sdctr=False)

Switch outbound data cipher.


Tells Packetizer that the handshake process started. Starts a book keeping timer that can signal a timeout in the handshake process.

timeout (float) -- amount of seconds to wait before timing out