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tornado.http1connection – HTTP/1.x client/server implementation

Client and server implementations of HTTP/1.x.

New in version 4.0.

class tornado.http1connection.HTTP1ConnectionParameters(no_keep_alive=False, chunk_size=None, max_header_size=None, header_timeout=None, max_body_size=None, body_timeout=None, decompress=False)[source]

Parameters for HTTP1Connection and HTTP1ServerConnection.

  • no_keep_alive (bool) – If true, always close the connection after one request.
  • chunk_size (int) – how much data to read into memory at once
  • max_header_size (int) – maximum amount of data for HTTP headers
  • header_timeout (float) – how long to wait for all headers (seconds)
  • max_body_size (int) – maximum amount of data for body
  • body_timeout (float) – how long to wait while reading body (seconds)
  • decompress (bool) – if true, decode incoming Content-Encoding: gzip
class tornado.http1connection.HTTP1Connection(stream, is_client, params=None, context=None)[source]

Implements the HTTP/1.x protocol.

This class can be on its own for clients, or via HTTP1ServerConnection for servers.

  • stream – an IOStream
  • is_client (bool) – client or server
  • params – a HTTP1ConnectionParameters instance or None
  • context – an opaque application-defined object that can be accessed as connection.context.

Read a single HTTP response.

Typical client-mode usage is to write a request using write_headers, write, and finish, and then call read_response.

delegate – a HTTPMessageDelegate

Returns a Future that resolves to None after the full response has been read.


Sets a callback that will be run when the connection is closed.

Deprecated since version 4.0: Use HTTPMessageDelegate.on_connection_close instead.


Take control of the underlying stream.

Returns the underlying IOStream object and stops all further HTTP processing. May only be called during HTTPMessageDelegate.headers_received. Intended for implementing protocols like websockets that tunnel over an HTTP handshake.


Sets the body timeout for a single request.

Overrides the value from HTTP1ConnectionParameters.


Sets the body size limit for a single request.

Overrides the value from HTTP1ConnectionParameters.

write_headers(start_line, headers, chunk=None, callback=None)[source]

Implements HTTPConnection.write_headers.

write(chunk, callback=None)[source]

Implements HTTPConnection.write.

For backwards compatibility it is allowed but deprecated to skip write_headers and instead call write() with a pre-encoded header block.


Implements HTTPConnection.finish.

class tornado.http1connection.HTTP1ServerConnection(stream, params=None, context=None)[source]

An HTTP/1.x server.


Closes the connection.

Returns a Future that resolves after the serving loop has exited.


Starts serving requests on this connection.