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What’s new in Tornado 2.1.1

Oct 4, 2011

Bug fixes

  • Fixed handling of closed connections with the epoll (i.e. Linux) IOLoop. Previously, closed connections could be shut down too early, which most often manifested as “Stream is closed” exceptions in SimpleAsyncHTTPClient.
  • Fixed a case in which chunked responses could be closed prematurely, leading to truncated output.
  • IOStream.connect now reports errors more consistently via logging and the close callback (this affects e.g. connections to localhost on FreeBSD).
  • IOStream.read_bytes again accepts both int and long arguments.
  • PeriodicCallback no longer runs repeatedly when IOLoop iterations complete faster than the resolution of time.time() (mainly a problem on Windows).

Backwards-compatibility note

  • Listening for IOLoop.ERROR alone is no longer sufficient for detecting closed connections on an otherwise unused socket. IOLoop.ERROR must always be used in combination with READ or WRITE.