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What’s new in Tornado 2.4

Sep 4, 2012


HTTP clients

  • Removed max_simultaneous_connections argument from tornado.httpclient (both implementations). This argument hasn’t been useful for some time (if you were using it you probably want max_clients instead)
  • tornado.simple_httpclient now accepts and ignores HTTP 1xx status responses.

tornado.ioloop and tornado.iostream

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.3 that would cause IOStream close callbacks to not run if there were pending reads.
  • Improved error handling in SSLIOStream and SSL-enabled TCPServer.
  • SSLIOStream.get_ssl_certificate now has a binary_form argument which is passed to SSLSocket.getpeercert.
  • SSLIOStream.write can now be called while the connection is in progress, same as non-SSL IOStream (but be careful not to send sensitive data until the connection has completed and the certificate has been verified).
  • IOLoop.add_handler cannot be called more than once with the same file descriptor. This was always true for epoll, but now the other implementations enforce it too.
  • On Windows, TCPServer uses SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSER instead of SO_REUSEADDR.


  • {% break %} and {% continue %} can now be used looping constructs in templates.
  • It is no longer an error for an if/else/for/etc block in a template to have an empty body.



Other modules