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What’s new in Tornado 3.0.1

Apr 8, 2013

  • The interface of tornado.auth.FacebookGraphMixin is now consistent with its documentation and the rest of the module. The get_authenticated_user and facebook_request methods return a Future and the callback argument is optional.
  • The tornado.testing.gen_test decorator will no longer be recognized as a (broken) test by nose.
  • Work around a bug in Ubuntu 13.04 betas involving an incomplete backport of the ssl.match_hostname function.
  • tornado.websocket.websocket_connect now fails cleanly when it attempts to connect to a non-websocket url.
  • tornado.testing.LogTrapTestCase once again works with byte strings on Python 2.
  • The request attribute of tornado.httpclient.HTTPResponse is now always an HTTPRequest, never a _RequestProxy.
  • Exceptions raised by the tornado.gen module now have better messages when tuples are used as callback keys.