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Here is a collection of short videos showing different aspect of Superset.

Quick Intro

This video demonstrates how Superset works at a high level, it shows how to navigate through datasets and dashboards that are already available.

Dashboard Creation

This video walk you through the creation of a simple dashboard as a collection of data slices.

  • Coming soon!

Dashboard Filtering

This video shows how to create dynamic filters on dashboards, how to immunize certain widgets from being affected by filters.

  • Coming soon!

Customize CSS and dashboard themes

A quick walkthrough on how to apply existing CSS templates, alter them and create new ones.

  • Coming soon!

Slice Annotations

A short video on how to annotate your charts, the markdown language and to toggle them on dashboards.

  • Coming soon!

Adding a Table

This videos shows you how to expose a new table in Superset, and how to define the semantics on how this can be accessed by others in the Explore and Dashboard views.

  • Coming soon!

Define SQL Expressions

A walkthrough on how to create your own derived dimensions and metrics.

  • Coming soon!